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The Bridge Community Centre Heritage Project – ‘The Outer Hebrides – Our Home, Our Heritage’

PrintFollowing on from the successful completion of the Bridge Community Centre’s one-year ‘A Youth Driven Past’ project, we are pleased to announce a new heritage project, starting in October 2014. ‘The Outer Hebrides – Our Home, Our Heritage’ is an 18 month project funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund that aims to enable young people to learn about and promote the history, memories and cultural traditions of their home.

Heritage – “things we inherit from our ancestors – traditions, culture, values, language, property, land and objects – and is handed down from generation to generation”.

These islands, inhabited for 6000 years, possess their own unique, rich and fascinating heritage. Through a mixture of research, engagement with local residents, heritage and community organisations, and field trips to sites of heritage interest, the young people will explore the past of the islands and its relevance for their lives today and in the future. This will promote a local identity and a sense of pride and place amongst young people and enable them to develop their own views about their local heritage. The young people will present their findings in different multi-media formats, including text, images, video and artwork – media that is designed by and for the young people of the islands and is more relevant to them and their lives. This media can also be used by schools, organisations and other individuals for education and information as it will be made public via the project website, smartphone app and in exhibitions at locations around the islands.

The project focuses on the history, heritage locations, memories and cultural traditions of the Outer Hebrides from when the islands were first inhabited over 6000 years ago, this covers a wide range of heritage types that we hope to research, possible areas of research include:

  • archaeological sites;
  • collections of objects, books or documents in museums, libraries or archives;
  • cultural traditions such as stories, festivals, crafts, music, dance and costumes;
  • historic buildings;
  • histories of people and communities, places and events;
  • the heritage of languages and dialect;
  • natural heritage including animals, birds, trees, plants, flowers, beaches, rivers, lochs; and
  • people’s memories and experiences.

Get involved!

If you are aged between 11 and 25 and would like to get involved with our heritage project, please get in touch with Rachel Bibby, Heritage Youth Worker at the Bridge Community Centre. She can be contacted on 702432.

If you are a heritage organisation and think you could work with us to offer field trips or heritage experiences to our young people, we would love to hear from you.


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